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  • Why? :
  • I am writing this section because Tattoo Aftercare is a CRUCIAL part in keeping your new Tattoo in great looking condition. I have seen some unfotunate situations where some people have ignored my instruction, and thier Tattoo has suffered.
  • Step One :
  • Leave the bandage on for about 2 hours. Remove the bandage and wash gently in warm soapy water. Antibacterial soap is recommended. No scrubbing. Gently pat the tattoo dry, do not wipe.
  • Step Two :
  • You will need to apply an ointment to your tattoo to promote fast healing and keep it moisturized. I recommend a relatively new ointment called Betadine Plus. This stuff is the shi-zat! It will help your tattoo to heal up super bright and very quickly. It is iodine product so if your skin is sensitive to iodine you may notice a yellowish tinge around the tattoo, but it is only a stain and will disappear when you stop using the Betadine. It is available at any drugstore. Be sure to rub the ointment in until it almost disappears into the skin, don't leave it slimy on the surface. Get this ointment now!!
  • Step Three :
  • For about two weeks, wash your tattoo a couple of times a day and re-apply the ointment at least 3 or 4 times a day. Do not pick or scratch.
  • Step Four:
  • Leave your tattoo uncovered so that it can breathe. However, if it is in a location where clothing can irratate it, then you may cover it breifly with Saran Wrap. Also I reccomend covering it if there is the possibility of it getting dirty at your job.
  • Step Five :
  • For the first 2 weeks while it is healing, keep your tattoo covered if you are in the sun. That means no tanning beds, too. Also no swimming and no soaking the tattoo in the bath. When washing the tattoo, be brief. In the future, after the tattoo is healed, a 30-block sunscreen, applied before going out in the sun, will help keep your tattoo from fading and aging rapidly.
  • Do's :
  • Please do contact me with questions or contact your tattoo artist if you need further advice. DO follow the procedure. This only takes 2 weeks for something that will be with you forever. It is easy and very important to the life of your tattoo.
  • Dont's :
  • DON'T be a lazy idiot and ruin your tattoo by not following the instructions. DON'T hurt the reputation of a good artist by screwing up a well-done tattoo. We can look at your artwork and tell if you are responsible for it's poor appearance.
  • Last Words :
  • Every artist has his or her own recommendations for healing. These are mine. If they differ from what your artist told you, that doesn't mean that your instructions are wrong. If your tattoo healed up nice, then continue with that process. Everybody wants a beautiful tattoo and the aftercare of your tattoo is your responsibility. But use the Betadine. I swear by this stuff.