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    Welcome To Tattoos Are Fun.com Click a Link!!
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    Check out the new video file below. You'll need QuickTime to view it. Sharon came in to True Blue to get this great piece. Her husband has a beautiful peach tattoo that he got in San Fran for her and she decided to get the same peach with Sluggo, the cartoon character, which I think is her husband's nickname. "Sluggo" did a great job with the editing and it's a really fun video clip to give you an idea of the tattooing process. As soon as I get my film developed, I'll get a photo of the finished piece added to the site.

    Hey check out the following link
    Tattoo Video File

    I go SkyDiving!
    Check out these great pictures of me jumping out of a plane at 16 thousand feet over Texas!
    it was so much fun, I might have to take it up as a sport!
    Video File comming soon!

    No going back now!


    About 60 seconds of free fall...

    Then the chute opens...


    Yeah! I made the cover of International Tattoo.

    This is my friend Sarah Dekle. She went to the Dallas Tattoo Convention back in November of 2001 and got her photo taken by the magazine. I did the Elvis birds and star on her chest and the yellow rose piece on her upper arm. Mike Adair from True Blue did the piece under her arm. This is the March 2002 issue.

    I've been working at True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas since July of 1999. We have 5 other exceptional tattoo artists working there at the moment as well as the best piercers in town. Feel free to visit the website at True Blue Tattoo. I've got some larger custom pieces going at the moment including a traditional Japanese style bodysuit for John, an octopus backpiece for Jeff, a sleeve of fractal designs for Tom and Dennis's calves of more Japanese style fun. As soon as they are completed (which might be awhile!) I will upload the photos.

    In February of 1998, I moved to New Zealand and was living in Christchurch on the South Island. I worked at Graphic Addiction, owned by Ross Bonica for almost a year and a half. I had the opportunity to do some larger pieces while I worked there. Before I went to New Zealand, I worked at Skin Graphics, owned by Gypsy, on the southside of Chicago. I learned to tattoo in Austin.
    Please scroll down to see a selection of some of my tattoos or you can click on the links to the left to view the entire gallery.

    This is my business card with a design that I drew for my husband's chest.
    We've tattooed the outline and some of the purple, I can't wait till he lets me finish it!
    He says that it is too painfull :-).
    Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

    Please go to the links at the left to see the entire gallery.
    And stay tuned for new photos. Thanks!
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